Remodeling Versus Going Blind for a New Home

Are you not happy with your existing home and wondering if you should sell and buy a new home? Although it’s true, a new home will come with everything brand new and the latest features. However, with the current housing market in a value bubble, you will be paying premium for everything in that new home. Worse, if you finance it with a loan you will be paying interest on all that “newness” for probably 30 years, as well as paying taxes on it every year with your property taxes. But why purchase a new home when you could have a “new” home again simply by remodeling the home you already have. New floors, walls, design, partitions, and features are all easily possible and quite doable.

As well as wanting to be pleased with the home you live in, you should consider the neighborhood. If you like your current neighborhood, you will be giving that up for a blind choice with a new home. That’s because most new units are in unestablished tract home zones. Whom your next neighbor will be is a complete unknown.

Do you want to know the best thing about a remodel? Once you are done with the project you’re not carrying a residual payment in your mortgage or property taxes for the next three decades. Your existing mortgage is still the same or paid in full, and your property taxes stay the same at your original purchase price. When you add up all the math involved, it becomes pretty clear that going down the remodel path versus buying blind with a new home is a more clever decision. If you’re interested in a home remodel, contact the professionals at Carolina Remodeling Services today!

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Kitchen Remodeling – What’s Trending

If you are looking forward to a kitchen remodeling or renovation this year, you must be wondering what’s trending so that you can incorporate it in your changes. Carolina Closet Creations has the information to help you renovate your kitchen into your dream kitchen. Whether you want a full revamp or just a few trend updates, there are many ways to infuse some life into the heart of your home. You could consider adding some new accessories and kitchenware, or you could weigh in on the following kitchen remodel trends that have been prevalent in 2018:

• Smart Kitchens
Technology is penetrating all areas of the home in full force, and the kitchen is not being left behind in 2018. Some of the top Kitchen Remodeling styles include Smart Kitchens. Smart kitchens today have technology integrated into almost every function from appliance control to motion sensor-equipped kitchen faucets that can automatically detect the presence of hands underneath and turn on. There are hundreds of sensors, smart devices and other gadgets that you can add to your kitchen to make it a smart cooking place.

• Multipurpose Kitchen Islands
Another great Kitchen remodel includes kitchen islands. Kitchen Islands in 2018 have become a focal point and in most cases the hub of the kitchen. They are now larger, and their use has diversified. They are now a jack-of-all-trades – providing ample storage cabinets, some are fitted with under-counter appliances, and most of them are offering sitting space for breakfast and dinner service or even doubling up as a drinking bar.

• Hiding away the ovens
This is another trend that is gaining fast traction. Hiding away the ovens has advantages such as streamlining the kitchen’s appearance and making it look timeless.

Consult with a professional renovation and remodeling company, like Carolina Remodeling Services if you want a taste of all the trending kitchen remodel updates in 2018!

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Summer Home Renovations

It’s finally summer! Time for relaxing and BBQs with friends and family. After winter, your home may need sprucing up — what better place to start than small or big home renovations? Summer home renovation projects can range from installing a brick paver patio to adding an additional sunroom or porch to your home. If you’re having visitors all summer, you might need a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or an additional bedroom or garage.

Small Home Renovations

Small home renovations are projects you can tackle yourself over the weekend. These are easy, cheap improvements that will make your home more comfortable for you and visitors. These projects won’t break the bank, but may increase the value or your home:

· Repaint the exterior

· Enhance landscaping

· Upgrade windows

· Build a fire pit

· Upgrade front door

· Add a security system

· Replace fence and gates

Big Home Renovations

Big home renovations will add lasting value to your home, space, luxury, and pizazz. While small bathroom and kitchen updates can be done over a weekend, if you need a complete remodel working with a professional home renovations company is the way to go. The following projects will add the most value:

· Landscaping

· Kitchen remodel

· Bathroom remodel

· Exterior improvements

· Attic bedroom conversion

· Deck, patio, or porch addition

· Living room updates

No matter which home project you decide on, you’re always increasing the livability and value of your home, so enjoy your summer while considering and acting on improvements.



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Four Steps to Explaining your Kitchen Remodel Vision to your Designer

Four simple steps before undertaking a kitchen renovation with your Charlotte home remodel specialist will help the process go smoothly. It all starts with being able to efficiently describe your vision. Though that may seem like a no-brainer, what is in your mind may not be so easy to put into words. If you take these four steps, it will help your designer see your new kitchen the same way you do.

Share your vision with someone else first.

If a spouse, partner, or other person is involved in the project, make sure you have the same vision. If not, share your thoughts with another good listener. Make sure they get it. That’s an excellent way of helping you formulate your thoughts before contact your remodeler.

Decide the breadth of the remodel.

Do you only want to replace cabinets, islands, and perhaps appliances? Or does your vision call for something more extensive such as moving plumbing lines, electrical, and load bearing walls?

Choose the style that most appeals to you.

Simplicity or gourmet? Craftsman or Cottage?  Contemporary or Retro? Italian or French? Do you prefer dark wood, light wood, or metal? There is practically no end to the variety of kitchen styles, and it will help you explain your vision if you know which appeals most to you.

Decide if anything is sacred.

There may be some aspects of your kitchen, such as an architectural fixture, that you want to keep. Choosing what stays and what goes beforehand can help you articulate your vision and affect the direction of the remodel.
Once you have taken these simple steps, you are prepared to share your vision with your experienced Charlotte home remodel specialist and request a free remodel quote. Call Carolina Remodeling Services today at 704.288.7147.

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Outdoor Living Spaces


hhhh…it’s finally Spring! The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, which has all of us itching to be outside. One of the benefits of living in the Carolinas is that our climate allows us to “live” outdoors nearly year-round – whether you like to swim, grill, or roast marshmallows by the fire – Carolina Remodeling Services can create the perfect outdoor living space for you!

When considering outdoor living areas, it is important to think about how the area will be used now and in the future. Is this simply going to function as a relaxing back porch, an area for kids to play, or will it be a full-service entertainment area? It is also important to consider materials. From natural elements like wood and stone to all-weather composite wood or even metal, Carolina Remodeling Services can help you select the ideal materials for your project.

One of the most popular elements to outdoor living is an outdoor kitchen. Like most homes, the kitchen is the center of the family, the center of entertaining, so why not bring that element outdoors? In addition to creating a bar area, a cooking and prep area, and refrigeration, one of the hottest trends in outdoor kitchens now is a brick pizza oven! Whether you like wood fired or coal fired, Carollina Remodeling Services can help you bring a little bit of rustic Italy to your backyard!

Craving a space that will last through the winter? Do you love sitting by a cozy firepit or fireplace making s’mores with the kids? Often our clients want a little bit of everything – kitchen, living space, and fireplace – they truly want an all-season room. Our opinion is, why not? With modern heating and cooling options, screens and glass enclosures, and even all-weather furniture options, it is possible to enjoy our beautiful Carolina outdoors all year long! Sound enticing? Call Carolina Remodeling Services in the Charlotte, NC area for a consult today!

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