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If you are looking forward to a kitchen remodeling or renovation this year, you must be wondering what’s trending so that you can incorporate it in your changes. Carolina Closet Creations has the information to help you renovate your kitchen into your dream kitchen. Whether you want a full revamp or just a few trend updates, there are many ways to infuse some life into the heart of your home. You could consider adding some new accessories and kitchenware, or you could weigh in on the following kitchen remodel trends that have been prevalent in 2018:

• Smart Kitchens
Technology is penetrating all areas of the home in full force, and the kitchen is not being left behind in 2018. Some of the top Kitchen Remodeling styles include Smart Kitchens. Smart kitchens today have technology integrated into almost every function from appliance control to motion sensor-equipped kitchen faucets that can automatically detect the presence of hands underneath and turn on. There are hundreds of sensors, smart devices and other gadgets that you can add to your kitchen to make it a smart cooking place.

• Multipurpose Kitchen Islands
Another great Kitchen remodel includes kitchen islands. Kitchen Islands in 2018 have become a focal point and in most cases the hub of the kitchen. They are now larger, and their use has diversified. They are now a jack-of-all-trades – providing ample storage cabinets, some are fitted with under-counter appliances, and most of them are offering sitting space for breakfast and dinner service or even doubling up as a drinking bar.

• Hiding away the ovens
This is another trend that is gaining fast traction. Hiding away the ovens has advantages such as streamlining the kitchen’s appearance and making it look timeless.

Consult with a professional renovation and remodeling company, like Carolina Remodeling Services if you want a taste of all the trending kitchen remodel updates in 2018!

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