Four Steps to Explaining your Kitchen Remodel Vision to your Designer

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Four simple steps before undertaking a kitchen renovation with your Charlotte home remodel specialist will help the process go smoothly. It all starts with being able to efficiently describe your vision. Though that may seem like a no-brainer, what is in your mind may not be so easy to put into words. If you take these four steps, it will help your designer see your new kitchen the same way you do.

Share your vision with someone else first.

If a spouse, partner, or other person is involved in the project, make sure you have the same vision. If not, share your thoughts with another good listener. Make sure they get it. That’s an excellent way of helping you formulate your thoughts before contact your remodeler.

Decide the breadth of the remodel.

Do you only want to replace cabinets, islands, and perhaps appliances? Or does your vision call for something more extensive such as moving plumbing lines, electrical, and load bearing walls?

Choose the style that most appeals to you.

Simplicity or gourmet? Craftsman or Cottage?  Contemporary or Retro? Italian or French? Do you prefer dark wood, light wood, or metal? There is practically no end to the variety of kitchen styles, and it will help you explain your vision if you know which appeals most to you.

Decide if anything is sacred.

There may be some aspects of your kitchen, such as an architectural fixture, that you want to keep. Choosing what stays and what goes beforehand can help you articulate your vision and affect the direction of the remodel.
Once you have taken these simple steps, you are prepared to share your vision with your experienced Charlotte home remodel specialist and request a free remodel quote. Call Carolina Remodeling Services today at 704.288.7147.

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